Why incite

We’re one of the biggest and most successful new business agencies for a number of reasons.

Our Experience

Our leadership and client teams have run highly successful new business teams and programs in agencies, as well as managing and working with high profile clients in including Pepsi, Disney and P&G.

They understand the challenges founders, management and new business teams face every day and have designed our services to fit around your needs.

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Our Insight

We’ve had hundreds of thousands of conversations and email exchanges with client marketers (900,000 so far we think!). Creating tens of thousands of opportunities.

This has given us a unique insight into the client mindset – why and how they find and select agency partners, how to position yourself and how to approach them to maximise the likelihood of success.


We look to B2B sales and marketing best practice to inform our thinking and approach, and to ensure our clients can stand out in highly crowded markets.

We find, test and utilise the latest technology and techniques to drive efficiency and greater success from every new business campaign we run.

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Our in house prospect database contains hundreds of thousands of marketing decision makers as well all of the critical business intelligence that enable us to create targeted and personalised approaches on our client’s behalf.

It is fully GDPR compliant.

We clean, research and add thousands of new records every month. We never, ever sell our data. It’s for client use only.


From strategy to execution, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs and set-up throughout the new business process.

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