Three Steps - Inbound Marketing For Agency New Business

Inbound marketing for agency new business is a fundamental shift in how we relate to potential leads. Instead of you finding buyers and selling to them, buyers find you. This poses a problem of how to engage those potential buyers. To do this you must become a master of attraction to capture the buyer’s details and log them as a lead.

Then comes the process of nurturing those leads to turn them into a potential new business buyer for your agency. By giving them what they want at different stages of their buying journey you can convert and close a new business deal online.

More business side marketers are turning to inbound marketing not just for the changes in new business buyer trends but also for the money saving opportunities. For example, outbound marketing is less value for money when compared to inbound. Outbound costs £240 per lead compared to £100 for inbound.

There is a good chance many of you use some inbound marketing tactics. Content, SEO, email lead nurturing are some examples. Inbound marketing is how these work together in perfect unison to attract, capture, convert and close leads. A recent article in e-consultancy shows three inspiring b2b marketing case studies, all of which use content or inbound marketing for new business.

Inbound Marketing For Agency New Business

Step 1 – Attract

Attracting leads using inbound marketing requires a strategy of content creation such as blogging, social media and SEO. These methods allow you to uphold an online presence that business buyers use as channels to discover your business. At this point your inbound marketing strategy needs to be adapted to target and reach buyers where they are searching. A general idea of where this is:

Your audience are online and mobile


(Sources: The 2012 Ipsos Media report into media consumption of the Business Elite)

Step 2 – Convert

Next is the time to capture more information about your leads with landing pages containing forms and calls to action. The convert phase uses capture forms to collect more details from potential leads. By this point the new business buyer will have spent some time researching the ‘Attract’ content you have produced. Now you need to provide them with targeted content on the topics they are looking for. Many businesses use whitepapers and free downloadable content to continue contact with and qualify leads. It is important to continue to produce this content. Recent stats show:

  • If the order value is more than 10k – 70% of buyers say they review four or more pieces of content prior to purchase.
  • The white paper is still the most read piece of content – but 60% of buyers say they don’t have the time for reading so the shorter the better.

Step 3 – Close

The aim of these stages is to bring your lead to a point of close. Once you have the relevant contact information they must be added to workflows in order to determine how far along the buying stage your lead is. This will be the point of CRM integration and lead scoring.

The three stages of inbound marketing for new business, when executed correctly, invite new business buyers directly to you and provides them with the information they are looking for to make their buying decision.