Five New Business Resolutions for 2018

If you are anything like me you’re back at your desk refreshed and slightly heavier, with a whole host of ideas and initiatives to implement in 2018. A significant number of these, I’m guessing, are growth focused, resulting in winning new profitable clients and growing the ones you have.

Unfortunately, like many a personal New Year resolution to exercise, eat better, or drink less; new business resolutions for your agency tend to go out of the window as soon as reality kicks in and you get busy doing.

To help focus the mind here are some New Year new business resolutions worth keeping; these are tried and tested by us at incite for effectiveness and efficacy:

1) Be specific – be really tight on who your ideal clients are this year. Create buyer personas outlining who they are, what their pain points are and what they do and don’t want from an agency. Talk to your existing clients, staff and use all of your experience to create these.

2) Be picky – now is the time to think about what is going to get you to your goals, be they bigger clients, more creative work or global domination and a fat cheque from Sir Martin. We use fame, fortune and fun as a simple way to focus the mind on targeting.

3) Have a point of view and broadcast it – marketing is changing daily, clients need and rely on your viewpoints and want to be educated. If you can do this you will be well placed when it comes to attracting the right clients for you.

4) Be patient – you still need to do all the old stuff (and all the new stuff), but it’s not like the proverbial tap you can switch on to gush right away, it takes time and to be consistently consistent.

5) Everyone’s in new biz – yes, it’s unlikely your head of planning is going to spend a day a week on the phone drumming up meetings, but in the days of social selling all your staff have a role to play in networking, extending the reach of your agency and raising its profile and if you follow resolution # 3 they’ll have something to say.

Shouldn’t be too tough eh? If you find your resolve slipping though give us a ring and we can help with all of the above and more.
Happy new business and good luck out there.